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Creating better customer relations through award-winning website

The snapshot


Redesigning website to closely represent new brand identity


Improving customer experiences through operational excellence


Improving digital presence through continuous innovation over 6 months

The challenge

The Amoreiras Shopping Center which first opened its doors in 1985 is one of the most iconic commercial spaces in Portugal. With time many others cropped up, mostly focusing on the commercial aspect of retail.

Understanding the need to meet customers on a more personal level, this shopping center decided to go through a website transformation. Staying true to their brand identity by cutting the noise and adding touches like responsive design that were needed to move forward.

The solution

The Creative Tech team took charge of this project, presenting a graphic proposal of the new and improved homepage. The rest of the website would follow suit. Developed in WordPress, using the WPML plugin, a second language (English) was added to be more inclusive of all visitors.

What transpired was a clean and responsive website that was not only authentic to the new image of the Amoreiras Shopping Center but also allows for regular updates on content to promote upcoming events and features.

The better change

A freshly redesigned website to keep up with branding changes

Through a platform that engages with customers while moving away from commercial-centered competitors

Resulting in Prémio Lusófono de Criatividade (Lusophone Award for Creativity)