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Find your place among our team of Microsoft Enthusiasts.
Join Devoteam M Cloud.

We may operate in different disciplines, but everyone at Devoteam M Cloud has one thing in common: we’re all Microsoft enthusiasts.

Meet your team

What it’s like in our Microsoft Unit?

Within Devoteam’s Microsoft unit you will find Azure Cloud Consultants, Data Engineers and other job positions occupied by people of varying levels experience – from senior level to people who have just completed a Devoteam traineeship.

Joining Devoteam M Cloud will mean that you’ll be able to work on impactful solutions for customers of all industry sectors.

You’ll get the opportunity to help clients advance in their digital journey on a team with Microsoft.

We’re always on the lookout for creative sparks who have a passion for Microsoft technologies. The digital future is happening now and at Devoteam, we create a culture of visionaries who are like-minded and dedicated to creative change. Build the skills you need to land some of the most sought after job roles in tech.

Does this sound like the team for you?

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Discover what life’s like as a consultant at Devoteam M Cloud.

When you step up and go the extra mile and help your colleagues or share knowledge or do other things that are not under the job title of consulting, it really gets noticed.

Erik van Roon Lead Consultant and Tribe Lead

I wake up every morning and I’m so glad to go into the office and working with my colleagues every day we learn new things.

Khaled Laghrour Cloud & DevOps Architect

I’m working now in a very talented team, connecting with Devoteamers all around the world

Eslam N. Moustafa M365 tech expert

The IT world is constantly evolving and therefore I would say: Invent a new role and show what you can do!

Megan Atkinson Hobson Principal Consultant

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