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Revamp your customer service management with Artificial Intelligence

Customer service stands today as one of the main business differentiators between competitors.

Friendly, efficient customer service plays a major role in today’s business world when it comes to customers satisfaction and loyalty. It’s essential to be able to handle any issue for the customers and do one’s best to ensure they are satisfied.

However, maintaining and managing one’s customer service in an automated and global market has become a challenge for most businesses. Indeed, today’s customers are more inquisitive, more demanding and do not necessarily come from the same time zone! from that perspective artificial intelligence customer service management concept was born.

AI is now transforming customer service interactions, in a way that lead experts to believe that by 2020, more than 85% of all customer interactions will be handled by virtual agents. And, with AI today, those complex queries that are passed to the human agents no longer a burden.

It is today much easier to manage the customer service with a better knowledge of the customer. Virtual assistants can predict who your customers are and what they are looking for by the understanding how they interact with the brand. Systems that are AI-embedded can monitor a nearly infinite amount of website and in-app activity for distress indicators, identifying customers experiencing issues and what those issues are. The system can respond in real-time offering support through FAQs or virtual service agents across platforms and devices. The ability to resolve customer service issues before they arise has a huge potential. It could significantly lower customer abandonment rates in the purchasing cycle, whilst simultaneously reducing customer complaints and improving consumer satisfaction.

The automation aspect in AI-embedded customer service offers as well, a level of stability and consistency in terms of answering time and quality of answers. It takes less efforts and less money to provide your employee with automation platforms that provide them with the needed resources to be successful therefore to make your business more successful. Those platforms come pre-programmed with industry and domain knowledge and they only have to be trained once.

One of the most important features to measure how good a customer service is; is the connectivity, availability and responsiveness of its agents. AI allows businesses to manage their customer services without the slight constraint of time zones or public holidays. This can greatly influence customer satisfaction and churn. It also shows that a company that is committed to supporting its customers is investing in building its reputation and its customers trust.

Technologies in this domain are constantly evolving, taking AI-assisted business towards a level of service personalisation, precision like no other.

Businesses will from now on be focused on setting up constantly-evolving platforms that can provide self-service targeted answers or information for their customer with a minimal human interaction. With the next generation expected to be even more self-reliant, businesses are expected to adapt automated customer service technologies which will be crucial in responding to these human-free, digital-only interactions.

The data that each customer will generate is estimated to be analysed and used at a stage or another of the business cycle. This can range from simple product recommendations based on past purchases, to websites redesigned in real-time to tailor to an individual customer’s reading level and browsing habits.

Personalisation which is already adapted by many businesses can and will greatly improve the customer service interaction, promote consumer satisfaction, improve conversion to purchase, and drive repeat purchases.

AI will give businesses the power to scale their customer service at an unprecedented speed, even with limited resources. Upon launching a new product, businesses can release interactive FAQs, which will resolve thousands of customer queries without the need for human interaction. Chatbots will empower businesses to respond instantaneously to a surge in customer inquiries, simply by switching on another server. With the help of AI and chatbots that continuously learn from every interaction, brands will rapidly transition into new geographic markets free from the limitation of employing and training staff that speak the local language.

AI-powered businesses will be fierce, focused and targeted. They are meant to climb the ladder cleverly and rapidly as AI aims to know best the people who will either make the business succeed or fail.