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Re-imagine Citizens Experience with an Enterprise Digital Platform

In the world we live in today, where technology is in the palm of citizens every day and commercial brands are competing to provide citizens with better customer service; citizens expectations from government agencies are reaching a totally new level. They are expecting to engage with their government agencies in a modern way similar to what they are experiencing when dealing with consumer brands. They want to engage, interact, and have full visibility of their requests, moreover, they need real-time access to information and immediate answers to their questions.

Such expectations are putting public sector organizations and government agencies under a lot of pressure to meet and exceed them.

So how can government agencies transform the way they are engaging with their citizens? How can they provide them with a consumer-like experience? How can they stop asking citizens to repeatedly explain their problems every time they approach them? How can they provide information to citizens instantly and provide them with self-service? How can they run their operations more efficiently?

The answer to these questions is mainly around two key aspects, the first is setting a modern customer engagement strategy that would include innovative customer journeys and the second is to have a digital platform that can support that vision realized.

Once an innovative customer service is formulated, government agencies need to go beyond the traditional CRM applications and search for a comprehensive digital platform that can provide them with a system of action utilizing all recent break-through technologies such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and furnish them with a complete flow that would bridge the gap between the siloed systems and streamline the end-to-end citizen experience.

Bringing both frond-end innovation and back-end efficiency is critical for improving citizens’ experience, therefore, digital platforms should be able to provide a creative service portal that includes artistic interface and user experience in order to properly engage with citizens, provide them with an omni-channel interaction, self-service, chat-bot, knowledgebase and a user-friendly service catalogue that would make it easier for them to navigate through the different services and request any of them. On the other side, digital platforms should also provide a comprehensive back-end service fulfillment with creative automation, intelligent and proactive service management, 360° view of citizens, comprehensive workflow, and task management engine in order to ensure that we are engaging properly with a citizen, providing them with all what they need in one place, understand their needs, proactively solving their issues and efficiently fulfilling their requests.

In Devoteam we are proud of our ability to help our customers develop an innovative customer service management strategy coupled with our state-of-the-art digital platform that can bring this strategy to life.

Below are the key pillars of our digital platform and the key aspects of customer service management.

It would be our pleasure to help you if you are considering taking your citizen experience to the next level and revolutionize the way citizen service management is conducted in your organization.

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