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Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk” and Devoteam forging a dynamic partnership

In a remarkable stride towards nurturing talent and fostering growth, the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk” and Devoteam have once again forged a dynamic partnership for the third consecutive year. This ongoing collaboration is strategically crafted to empower emerging Saudi talents and recent university graduates, paving the way for their successful integration into the rapidly evolving realm of Information Technology.

Dedicated to bridging the gap between education and industry demands, this initiative offers an unparalleled opportunity for young Saudi individuals to embark on a journey of professional development. Through immersive internship opportunities at the number one IT consulting company in KSA, “according to the latest IDC report in 2022”, participants are exposed to a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional learning.

The essence of these internships lies in their meticulous design, meticulously catering to the unique needs of IT graduates. The program aims to equip these interns with not only the essential technical skills that form the backbone of the IT sector but also a profound understanding of real-world applications. As they dig into complex projects and immerse themselves in cutting-edge technologies, participants are empowered to become agile problem solvers and innovative thinkers.

What sets this partnership apart is the emphasis on holistic growth. As these young talents navigate their internship journeys, they are not merely relegated to the role of interns but rather embraced as integral members of the Devoteam family. The mentorship they receive from the seasoned experts at Devoteam is parallel to a guiding light, illuminating their path and fostering an environment of continuous learning. This personalized mentorship serves as a catalyst for their professional development, offering insights that extend beyond technical aspects, including communication, teamwork, and leadership skills Furthermore, upon program completion, selected interns will have the opportunity to join the ranks of Tech Natives as full-time employees.

Devoteam, being a trailblazer in the realm of IT consulting in the Middle East, brings unparalleled expertise to the table. The interns are immersed in a work culture that thrives on innovation and thrives on pushing boundaries. By collaborating on intricate projects, these interns not only gain exposure to diverse clients and industries but also contribute meaningfully to solutions that have a positive impact.

As we witness the continuation of this enriching collaboration between Misk Foundation and Devoteam, it’s evident that this initiative is more than just an internship program—it’s a transformative journey. By empowering Saudi youth with skills, experiences, and mentorship that are shaping the future of technology, this partnership stands as a beacon of progress. It is a testament to the collective commitment to empowering the next generation of IT professionals and leaders, ensuring that they are not just prepared for the future, but are actively shaping it.