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How we built an IoT platform in 3 clicks!

Internet of Things can look a bit geeky at first sight, especially  the hardware part of it…but our Devoteam DigiLab in Prague just made some interesting experiment, integrating some of the coolest technologies out there to assemble an IoT platform in 3 clicks…and we wanted to share with you that it is not that complicated…

First Click: Connect Things – Sigfox

For our quick and dirty Proof of concept, we used a Smarteverything device which has all the capabilities that you can think of: Proximity and ambient light sensor, accelerometer, humidity and temperature Sensor, GPS etc..

Activating the Smarteverything sensor onto the Sigfox cloud, using the Czech network operator SimpleCell worked instantly, pretty much similar to a simcard activation. Setting up the device itself to communicate values we wanted to measure (humidity, pressure, temperature) took a bit of Arduino code but no a big deal either.

Activation of the device on the Sigfox platform:

Our device shown where it’s located

Second Click: Analyse the data – Azure

Since April this year, Sigfox and Microsoft are collaborating to provide real time analytics on the activity of the sensors. The integration is therefore pretty straightforward too.

Our event hub created on Microsoft Azure to display our messages sent from Sigfox:

Third Click: Act with Servicenow

At its Knowledge 16 annual conference, Servicenow introduced their ambitions to play in the IoT field to complete their holistic view of the Service management, quoting GE and Agfa examples.

And we just made it happen in our Digilab in Prague! After a bit of integration work, our device was able to automatically generate an incident in the Servicenow tool!


No limit!

This oversimplified Proof of Concept showed us that Technology is really not the issue today. Our imagination is the real limit to invent the future Use cases for the Internet of Things!

Feel free to get in touch with us to share your Digital Experience on IoT!