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Google enabled organization!

Since 1998, when Google first launched its services to the world, it has been known as a leader in computing services. Not to mention, top class security and the best pricing compared to other competitors.

In addition, Google took an extra mile in helping organizations through offering powerful infrastructure, platform, and software services and eliminating the headache of the physical infrastructure, Network Infrastructure and Virtualization layer by introducing Google Cloud !

Google Cloud gives the power to build, test and deploy applications in a reliable, scalable cloud environment. Whether you are migrating existing applications or building new ones in the cloud. These services are divided into three main categories, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Below is a sample of Google Cloud products:

Google Cloud Services

G Suite

If a company wishes to enhance the collaboration and innovation between its teams in real time no matter where they are and how big or small the company size is, G-suite would be the best solution to think of, creating your own digital workplace.

Google Maps Platform

Google Maps platform gives you a live illustration on how small and connected the world has become, covering 99% of the world, with billions of active users. To make your life easier, Google Maps platform contains three main products; Maps, Routes, and places. These products can be used in several industrial solutions such as Ridesharing, Gaming and Asset tracking.

Google Cloud Platform “GCP”

Google did not stop there, 10 years ago it decided to exceed our expectations by launching Google Cloud Platform, or simply known as GCP.  It is a suite of cloud computing resources which provides IaaS, PaaS and Serverless computing enabling the end user to run his business on an advanced computing platform securely, using powerful data analytics solutions and machine learning that delivers real-time insights.


We are proud to be Google’s EMEA service Partner of the year. Being a Premier Partner with Google, Devoteam has the capability to help its customers across different Google products. Such as, Chrome, Google Education, G-suite, Google Maps and GCP among other great services.