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Digital transformation guided by customer experience.

A better digital transformation guided by customer experience.

The article builds on Devoteam’s Digital Transformation Framework, which recognizes four digital transformation success factors (Experience, Agility/Efficiency, Intelligence/Insights, and Openness/Partnerships) that shape the Digital Strategy, and draws attention to the importance of the first factor (experience) in guiding digital transformation.


To what extent do you really need a Digital Transformation? The answer to this depends on who you are, whom you serve, and where you want to go.

More times than not, Organizations misunderstand Digital Transformation in both scale and objective, which translates into lost opportunity that could have otherwise been more aptly directed into more fruitful undertakings for their future. True, now more than ever, emerging trends and tools are disrupting the way organizations are doing business and delivering their services, but it’s a fact, that better services are created not just by the use of new tools, but also the evolving of the methods, people and processes.

Organizations should not lose sight of the real objectives and be clouded by buzzwords, but rather, focus on whom they serve and what they need to enhance their business.

An organization that is guided by a profound understanding of customer needs, would therefore view emerging technologies as both a disrupting agent and enabler, and would not be solely led by hypes.

On one very recent occasion, one of our clients in KSA requested that we devise a digital strategy, so we set out to understand the organization’s target customers and their journeys, collecting customer feedback and measuring satisfaction. This led us to reformulate the mission and vision of that organization before embarking on delivering the digital strategy.

Organizations must be clear on their customer needs and their measures of success, lest they embark on executing road maps that achieve little marginal benefits, if it all.

Should you want to assess the need for your organization for a digital transformation, it’s a good start to have well rounded answers to these following questions:

  • Are my Customers satisfied? How well so, and how can it be improved?
  • Can any of the available or emerging technologies improve my customer satisfaction? And if so, what is the marginal Analysis of adopting those trends in my organization?
  • What is the right roadmap for adopting such technologies and growing my employee skills?



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