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API Management for Your Business


Earlier in the day, car manufacturers had to build a car from scratch, as they had limited options, so they had to build it down from a screw till the last piece of the car’s body. And that process was consuming lots of time and money. Afterwards, new companies specialising in certain parts of the car soon emerged; enabling consumers to buy the springs from one vendor, and the wheels form another.

In the tech world a similar development took place, in the early 70’s when a computer was to be purchased the company was forced to design and build the whole machine for the end-user. Now, one can buy the hardware from company X and the software from company Y, assembling them together is no problem.

That specialisation is now taking place at the system level which is referred to as Application Programming Interface (API). An API is mainly the interface of some functions that are created to do something specific; enabling you to bring parts from different systems and integrate them into your own. 

Taking the success story of Uber for example, which is an ecosystem transportation app service built on multiply APIs, such as Google Maps, making it easier to integrate, and when apps are integrated you have the ability to easily create new apps without having to go through the hassle of building them from scratch. Making it easier for experts to focus on the main parts and ideas of an app without worrying about the simple things.

So, who should consider using APIs? Well, anyone looking for the following: mobility, omni channel, expansion, innovation, getting new partners on board, value added services, monetisation, and social branding. Why? Because integration is the new currency in the modern services economy.

What is needed to enter this world is four simple steps: design your API, publish it, secure it and then sit down and monitor it.


Who can help you achieve that? Apigee. 

Apigee is a Google owned company that provides API management and analytics software. Apigee also sells additional functionality to their customers such as the ability to monetise APIs and multi-region deployment using cloud services ex; Google Cloud Platform GCP.

So, to put it simple, Apigee will give you the ability to publish, secure and monitor your API. All you have to do is to build it. Helping any company with its digital transformation, and changing the experience in which they work with other companies and users.

We at Devoteam have understood the requirements of the market and the need to digital transformation, helping companies change, drive innovation and be agile by introducing APIGee API Management as a solution for our clients to build new projects and services much faster.

In other words, Devoteam sees APIGee as the future solution that can be put together to create new products and services much like Lego blocks serving the market and especially the banking and telecom sector to be more agile in moving faster and drive more innovation.