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Optimizing operational efficiency

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Optimizing Operational Efficiency with Microsoft Cloud-Based Solutions 

In today’s hyper-competitive and saturated business climate, simply providing quality products or services is no longer enough to guarantee success. To stand out in a sea of competitors, businesses are under intense pressure to perform better, produce faster, and effectively reduce costs at every turn – and digital transformation is paving the way. 

Why Operational Efficiency is More Critical Than Ever 

Within the ever-evolving business landscape, many companies are finding they have to make tough decisions about how to allocate resources. However, in most cases, it isn’t simply a matter of spending less, it’s about knowing which projects to prioritize in order to maintain business continuity and development. But evaluating which projects will generate the right business outcomes and cost efficiencies is easier said than done in light of challenges such as:

  • Unpredictable business climate. In order to survive – and thrive – within a rapidly changing landscape, businesses must be able to adapt quickly according to new requirements. To innovate quickly and effectively, IT teams must implement solutions that decrease time to market, while also providing flexibility and scalability to meet any challenge.
  • Evolving investment needs. As businesses adapt to new business models, they must ensure their teams have the tools and resources they need to be productive from remote locations. Therefore, in order to continue operating and maintaining productivity, IT must prioritize projects not included in the budget and integrate solutions to maintain collaboration and communication between workers, in addition to providing access to software and company assets while minimizing associated security threats from viruses, malware, and ransomware.
  • Limited visibility and control. Not all companies have a clear picture of their IT expenditure, which makes it difficult to decide where and how to cut costs, or whether to allocate funds in other strategic areas. In order to provide effective resource and cost optimization, IT needs clear visibility, intelligent services, and strong governance to reduce the risk of overspending. 

Enhancing Operational Efficiency Through the Cloud

In the current business climate, it’s essential to be empowered with knowledge, innovative technology, and best practices so you can prioritize your investments, streamline operations and optimize your costs. Integrating cloud-based software enables businesses to enhance operational efficiency across key areas like innovation data consolidation, disaster recovery, security, collaboration, automation, and cost-reduction to name a few. 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Devoteam M Cloud helps its customers integrate powerful cloud-based solutions Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform to achieve full-spectrum operational efficiency across 4 key pillars: 

  1. Infrastructure Modernization
  2. Application Modernization
  3. Automation & Collaboration
  4. Data Enhancement 

The Devoteam M Cloud approach is designed to deliver seamless integration of cloud solutions and ongoing support from the implementation stage all the way through operation. Starting with a comprehensive analysis of the company’s current systems, capabilities, strategy, and business goals, our Microsoft experts then create a detailed blueprint and transformation plan, including a Total Cost of Ownership showing cost projection over time. 

Moving into the integration stage, we deliver the technical transformation process to seamlessly migrate existing infrastructure and applications to a cloud delivery model, as well as powerful data and insights to assess impact and efficacy across the organization. Following implementation, our Managed Services team ensures customers receive full-spectrum support on DevOps, FinOps, SecOps, and ITOps for continuous and sustained excellence throughout the business lifecycle. 

Transform Your Operational Efficiency Journey

As a go-to Microsoft portfolio partner with over 1100 certifications achieved annually, 16 gold competencies, and 5 Advanced Specializations for Low Code Application Development, Kubernetes on Azure, Modernization of Web Applications in Azure, Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure, Threat Protection –  Devoteam M Cloud provides the expertise and support needed to take operational efficiency to the next level. 

Our 800+ Microsoft experts have already empowered thousands of companies across our 18 countries of operation to unleash the Cloud’s untapped potential  – and we can help you too. 

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